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July 17th, 2024

CAD Services: Vancouver — 604.259.0699

VancouverCAD provides as-built CAD drawings of Vancouver-based commercial interiors such as office floors, retail store environments, warehouses, health care clinics, showrooms — just about any occupied or shell space needed in AutoCAD to complete an interior design or tenant improvement (TI) project.

Only the details you need will be located and measured; typical services include CAD plans for the following:

  • floor plan
    • wall framing plan (wall types, columns, doors, windows, etc.)
    • millwork (staff kitchen, reception desk, retail displays, built-in cabinets, etc.)
    • furniture plan (freestanding chairs, tables, shelving, file cabinets, etc.)
    • systems furniture (dividers, shelving, counters, overhead bins, glazed partitions, etc.)
    • electrical (including data, tel, etc.)
    • plumbing (hot water tank, sinks, coffee water lines, washroom fixtures, floor drains, etc.)
    • built-in or wall hung millwork cabinets
    • wall finishes (vinyl covering, paint, FRP, tile, etc.)
  • reflected ceiling plan
    • type (t-bar, solid, etc.), bulkheads, heights
    • electrical fixtures (lighting, speakers, exit signs, etc.)
    • controls (light switches, dimmers, thermostats, timers, etc.)
    • mechanical fixtures (return air, diffusers,  exhausts, sprinkler heads, etc.)
  • floor finishes
    • floor finish types (LVT, porcelaine tile, carpet, etc.)
    • transition types
    • wall base (wood baseboards, rubber cove, etc.)
  • Services
    • Electrical Panel (size, location, service info, circuits, photo)
    • RTUs (location, elec requirements, photos, etc.)
    • Plumbing (DCW, vent, drain sizes, photos, etc.)
  • Other
    • slab bands in parkade below
    • visible drain lines
    • elevations (millwork cabinets, displays, shelving, etc.)
    • sections (at window sills, through space, etc.)
    • plenum space (height, mech units)
    • signage (size, location, pylon, etc.)
    • details (millwork, trim profiles, etc.)
    • etc.

VancouverCAD is here to help Vancouver’s:

  • facility managers
  • office managers
  • property managers
  • realtors and real estate professionals
  • business owners
  • clinics
  • store or shop owners (retail tenants)
  • startups
  • homeowners

VancouverCAD provides site measurements and CAD drawings for residential spaces as well.

CAD Services: Vancouver and surrounding Metro Vancouver, call 604.259.0699 or email


Metro Vancouver CAD Design Services. Visit Interior Projects for additional design services.


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